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AR (augmented reality) will be a $50 billion business soon

Many people are sure that it is AR which is to make its way after smartphones. Microsoft and Magic Leap are developing  headsets that transplant computer images into the real world. In addition, it is also expected that Apple and Facebook are doing something of the same kind. At the same …

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China about to set up its first tech insurance company

According to a recent report, China is about to open its first tech insurance company that will be equivalent of the “Silicon Valley Bank” by 2020. According to Wu Lebin, chairman of Chinese Academy of Sciences Holdings Co Ltd, the proposal to set up a tech insurance company has got …

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Autoblog app for Android

Autoblog has recently made its way to the Google Store after iOS. In August 2016, the long overdue update to the app on iOS was released which was a departure from the old blog-style list of posts with the standard accompanying little  thumbnail image in favor of a layout that …

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