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Snapchat members can now enjoy AR games

Snapchat has introduced a new level of interest for its users as news has been coming that snapchat members can now play different AR games. These games has been named as Snappables where members can compete their friends and family in a series of different games. Snapchat is determined to …

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You can play Harry Porter: Hogwarts Mystery now!

Being downloaded for over one million times and declared as top adventure game, Harry Porter: Hogwarts Mystery is now available for both iOS and Android users. Game has a structure where you create your own wizard as new student in school.   Harry Porter: Hogwarts Mystery allows the players to …

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Android app has been updated to use Gmail snooze

Google has a unique feature of snooze which means you can select an email to be redelivered to your inbox at a unique date and time. The big news is for Android users who can use the same feature now. You can select recommended time and date by tapping on …

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