IoT Learning Kits by SAM Labs

Children who have a curiosity for electronics, engineering and technology can greatly benefit from Learning Kits by Sam Labs.

sam-labs-kitSAM Labs (London-based) just announced that it raised £3.2M ($4.5M) from a group of investors led by Imperial Ventures. The investment will help the company continue its mission to introduce the Internet of Things to kids, to further develop the product, and to get a little bit closer to Sam Labs’ goal of making every child aged seven or older excited about technology.

SAM Labs are out there to create tools and software to help kids involved with IoT programming projects. Over 1,000 schools are already using the IoT learning kits as part of their learning- or after-school programs. With the new funding round, the company is setting its sights higher both in the UK and in a more international context, aiming to start marketing and selling to STEM-oriented schools around the world.

The SAM kits are simple, small, battery powered building blocks that talk to each other wirelessly via Bluetooth. They can then be programmed to interact using the SAM App drag-and-drop application, which makes it very easy indeed to get the various blocks to talk to interact; a button can turn on a light, send a Tweet, or start more advanced sequences of processes.

Modules include buttons, LED lights, servos, sliders, tilt sensors, heat sensors, light sensors, and DC motors, buzzers and much more, which can be configured to do a stunning number of fun things, as witnessed by the company’s creations gallery.  These kits are particularly well suitable as starting points for children who have a curiosity for electronics, engineering and technology.


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