How IoT will Hit Data Centres

For several years we’ve been told that the cloud lives in a data centre.

It is the turn of IoT. Where else will the massive data workloads in need of real-time processing and crucial security measures to avoid catastrophic cyber attacks reside?

It is accepted that the operational pressure data centres are under will increase as intelligent connected devices produce more data at huge volumes.

Storage management, server technology, networks, security, and operational efficiency are being challenged as the IoT kicks in.

First the IoT brings with it the need for facilities of different sizes.

Size does matter when it comes to data centres, and smaller edge data centres will be key.

We can expect to see the ‘standard mothership’ data centres continue to exist but the emergence of edge data centres and distribution data centres is only set to accelerate. At the edge these data centres assume an important role, as SQL-based management platforms and analytic tools fail to handle the amount of data that the IoT will deliver.

This is being experienced today and leading providers of IoT management platforms for the data centre are developing solutions to address this.Capacity planning is also another segment of the data centre that will need to be more widely looked at.

Accurate capacity planning has never been more important than with IoT-connected data centres. There are multiple strategies to deal with compute power and connection speed requirements.

The growth of IoT will force colocation facilities to adopt greater flexibility.”We are likely to see greater impacts on cost as data and storage demands increase customers will want to ensure this does not disrupt their bottom-line and therefore colocation facilities will be required to work closely with them to identify more cost effective solutions.”Currently, the IoT’s strain on the data centre is relatively low, however as more industries modernise and start to understand the value of IoT-generated data, the more significant the impact will be.

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