Tips for Virtual Team Management


Are you struggling with conflicts within your virtual teams? Today’s many companies pick members of project teams from across various locations and have them communicate virtually. We have teams working and coordinating on voice, e-mail and videoconference. There are more virtual teams today than ever before and their numbers are snowballing swiftly. The latest research shows that skills required to ensure the success of virtual teams are not simply different from those needed for running traditional teams in fact they are often the exact opposite. Here are 4 tips to ensure the success of your virtual team:

  1. Communicate Effectively

The utmost key to global virtual team leading is communication. But when we communicate virtually, we often become less influential. Managers of global virtual teams tend to lose their interpersonal edge as they are just sitting and not putting in any gestures. Moving your arms is just one of many ways communication tricks that can help you should more persuasive.

  1. Formalize Roles and Responsibilities

While co-located teams often benefit most from a leader who acts as a facilitator, virtual teams need a manager who provides clearly defined direction and removes all ambiguity from the process. When a team works together in the same office, you can have loose job descriptions. But in virtual teams that just doesn’t work. Team leaders have to formalize roles and responsibilities–starting with their own.

  1. Try Different Decision Making Strategies

Teams don’t work the same everywhere. Global teams need very explicit descriptions of how decisions will be made, and the best global team leader is one who is willing to try out different kinds of decision-making processes at different points in a project.

  1. Build Trust

When you meet your workmates in person you know instinctively who you can and cannot trust. But in a geographically distributed team, trust is measured differently. Leaders of virtual teams need to concentrate on creating a defined process where team members deliver specific results in a proper structure.


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