Varying eCPMs, Multiple Ad Networks, Repeated Updates

Pain for the developer’s community to optimize revenues


App development and earnings through advertising networks has always been a highly followed revenue generation model among the developer’s community. This model brings along with it the challenges of depending on multiple ad networks hence high complexity of choosing and optimizing amongst them. Therefore, the problems to be addressed by the developers are to:


  • Incorporate multiple SDKs into the app without risking the increase in size
  • Manage multiple ad unit IDs for the developers in the company
  • Switch between ad networks on immediate basis in light of their current eCPM offerings without giving app updates
  • Receive meaningful suggestions as to which ad network to use at an instant


Individual SDK Integration:

Previously, developers used to access multiple networks at a time by integrating multiple native SDKs. However, the placement on the games scenes could not be modified with updating the app all the time.


Ads Mediation SDK (one network with internally linked other ad networks):

The concept of ads mediation i.e to access multiple ad networks with the help of a single network, was introduced by products like Admob, Leadbolt, Heyzap etc. which required a special mediation SDK to be integrated. Since, the integration was highly dependent on the sourcing ad network, loss of impressions and biased access to networks was a problem. Also, the decision to opt for a specific network based on eCPMs was not flexible.


Ads Mediation (ad network SDKs consolidated with backend mediation logic):

The concept of mediation was further improved by products such as MoPub and Fyber by using native ad network SDKs and giving the developer liberty to switch between them through an online backend. These products did a fairly good job but the complexity involved during integration and decision making required to switch through networks left the developer’s community with less improvement in the revenues.


ConsoliAds – Latest Consolidation of Ad Networks (

Recently, ConsoliAds has added more value to ad networks mediation through its extremely effective eCPMizing insights that guide the developers to opt for the right ad network in any instance. The product has the following promising features:


  • eCPM-izing Insights: ConsoliAds suggests where, when, and how often to show ads inside your games to increase your revenues by 20-25%.
  • Create Company, Manage Developers: Your developers don’t need to worry about Ad IDs and ads integration, managers are there to help.
  • Powerful SDK: Ads management is no more a hassle and blends smoothly in the development process through a single click plugin.
  • Managed Ads: Spammy ads are terrible, so why put them all over the place? Sequence based ads mechanism with failover option.

As the next generation ads management tool, ConsoliAds seems to change the ad network landscape by reducing the hassle for the developer’s community virtually to none. Also, the company is focused to introduce its own advance ad formats for future whereby revolutionizing ads viewing on the ever growing smartphones industry.



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