IOT: HAIKU CEILING FAN – Keep you easy-breezy

2_gadgets_for_home_haikuceilingfan_1What if you get to the best iot gadgets for your home that would make your life easy and help you save as well? The idea does sound great, isnt it? There are scores of devices for home and office users that can connect via internet yes internet of things is what we are referring to. Here is one that may help you all out there in the heat.

The Haiku ceiling fan might be more your speed. The smart device automatically turns on and off when you enter the room. But there’s more to its IQ than that. The fan also tracks temperature and humidity, automatically modulates its speed in response to environmental conditions, and even has an alarm clock function. It’s a big fan—and so are we.

So check out this wonderful IOT gadget and see how it can transform your life for good.

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