ITEQAF? There is an App for That!

 Itikaf Course, M Ilyas Ghuman- screenshot
  Itikaf Course, M Ilyas Ghuman- screenshot

Itikaf Course, M Ilyas Ghuman

If you are wondering if you should observe iteqaf this year or not, here is an app that can help you know all that you must about this worship.

Learn the fundamental Islamic knowledge and the necessary rulings about doing Sunnah I’tikaf and get the most out of the ten days you dedicate for Allah.

A concise guide to extremely valuable information regarding I’tikaf. This book contains the basic rulings of I’tikaf as well as information about fundamental beliefs, practices, supplications and prayers that can increase your I’tikaf benefits tenfold.
Keep this with you if you plan to do I’tikaf during Ramadan.
For Imams of the Mosques, this is a must-have guide to teach the people doing Sunnah I’tikaf.

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