Mobile Apps Rule In Managing Household Connected Devices


The number of people who own Internet-connected devices is on the upswing and those connections increasingly are being managed by smartphones.

Connected home appliances are now owned by 18% of consumers, up from 10% a year ago, with the leading products in homes being sound systems and household appliances, according to a new global study.

Smartphones are becoming front and center with home security system IoT devices being the most likely that consumers will connect to via mobile app, based on the report.

The study comprised a survey of 8,000 consumers, conducted by Vanson Bourne for BoldChat by LogMeIn.

The number of consumers with IoT- connected sound systems actually decreased from 24% a year ago to 21% today, although most other products increased. Here are the number of people with Internet-connected household devices today:

  • 21% — Sound systems
  • 18% — Home appliance (dishwasher, refrigerator, etc.)
  • 17% — Home security system
  • 16% — Lighting
  • 15% — Thermostat, air conditioner, energy management
  • 13% — Door locks, alarms
  • 5% — Sprinkler system

If nothing else, all those connected devices are driving more consumers to the screens of their smartphones.

The leading category of products being driven by smartphone deal with home security. But no matter the category, the smartphone is becoming integral to running all household devices in the Internet of Things.

Of those who own an Internet-connected household product, here’s what they are using mobile apps to control them with:

  • 76% — Home security system
  • 63% — Door locks, safety alarms
  • 63% — Sprinkler system
  • 62% — Sound system
  • 62% — Thermostat, air conditioner, energy management
  • 52% — Lighting
  • 49% — Home appliance

Somewhat ironically, with all of the high-tech connected products being utilized, the prime method that most (64%) consumers contacted one of those companies was by a phone call.

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