Best Winter Apps for Android: Enjoy the Warmth of Virtual Fireplace

 Virtual Fireplace- screenshot thumbnail
Are you wondering how you going the pass the dreary and cold winter days? Here is app that can provide you with the much needed warmth in this chilly season. Designed to help you experience the warmth  of a real fireplace, the Virtual Fireplace is a fantastic android app that allows you to enjoy the cold in a unique way. It is indeed one of the best winter apps for android.

 Virtual Fireplace- screenshot thumbnail

You can choose from  number of fireplace and also select the music of your choice. In addition, the app allows you to change speed of flames to your liking. You can also set a sleep timer prop up your device fall asleep to a full screen fireplace.

 Virtual Fireplace- screenshot thumbnail

You can download this app from the play store and turn your winter days into an experience like you have never had before.

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