‘Super Mario Run’ for iPhone enjoys 40 million downloads


At the end of business on Dec. 14, Nintendo stock landed at 27,975 yen per share. At the end of the  December 20, the share price went down to 24,815 yen a share, with Nintendo celebrating the 40 million downloads.

The high for the company’s stock on the year was on July 19 during the “Pokémon Go” madness, with the stock touching 31,770 yen per share.

“Super Mario Run” is on top of Apple’s Top Free Apps, and Top Grossing Apps leaderboards. “Pokémon Go” is still among the top 10 and holds 8th place.

“Super Mario Run” and “Pokémon Go,” have different revenue models. While “Super Mario Run” is Nintendo’s property and has a one-time $9.99 purchase, revenue from “Pokémon Go” is shared by a number of parties, and depends on in-game purchases.

“We hope to maximize the number of people who interact with our characters on mobile, to bridge them to console gaming and to create synergies.”

Nintendo claims to have no plans to take the game further for now.

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