3 Bahadur – A Fine Pakistani Mobile Game You Must Play

  3 Bahadur- screenshot thumbnail
3 Bahadur is a fantastic adventure where you get to discover your gaming skill. The game is set in Roshan Basti, a once vibrant and thriving colony, that has now fallen into the hands of evil. A powerful and criminal overlord, is terrorizing the residents of this place. Three heroes rise to the challenge to set things right here.

  3 Bahadur- screenshot thumbnail

This is basically a single-player game and you may play as Kamil, Saadi or Amna to defeat the thugs. You will encounter various thugs and battle it out in exciting missions to restore peace to the colony.
The overall feel of the game is good enough to make it one of my favorites while the game play is easy as well.

  3 Bahadur- screenshot thumbnail

Player have super powers and the objective of the game is to defeat the evil character to restore peace in the town. Each hero has a particular set of skills so you can choose one after exploring their special traits. Equipped with enhanced cognitive skills while Amna is very fast.

In the midst of tons of games on the store, this one is one of a kind. It has universal appeal so it can be exciting and entertaining for both kids and older players.

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