Google is holding a competition for devs


The Google Developers Twitter account tweeted out a cryptic message which shows that Android and Google developers might have an opportunity to win something important but we dont know what that is yet.  However, the use of the ‘#savethedate’ hashtag suggests that this might be related to Google I/O 2017.

While in the recent years a more traditional lottery system has been seen, Google has provided a number of programming challenges and puzzles to give expert developers the first shot at tickets.

If you want to try and figure out really what’s going you can check out Here you will see that Google says you need to “Enter all answers at” It looks there are as many as 5 puzzles to be solved, and they each get a little tougher as they are guessed.

5 puzzles. Each gets more difficult.

5 clues. Take notes. Each puzzle is gone after it’s solved.

5 places. Think numbers.

Enter all answers at

You must know where you’ve been to get where you’re going.

Perhaps this is the return of all the Google I/O fun and something that devs can truly rejoice.


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