LG’s Wallpaper TV hangs on the walls using magnets!


The latest OLED TV from LG is one of a kind. No other OLED tv is as thin as this wonderful newbie. Dubbed ‘Wallpaper’ but branded W7, it is a huge 65-inch OLED with 2.57mm thickness.


In order to keep the screen as close to the wall as possible, it is hung on the wall with the help of  magnets.


“The OLED panel, measuring only 2.57mm thin in the 65-inch model, can be mounted directly on the wall with only magnetic brackets, eliminating any gap between the TV and the wall.”(LG)



LG called the approach of putting the screen flat on the surface a “picture-on-wall” experience. The screen of the TV is connected by a wire to a box with technical components and speakers for the TV.


The W7’s screen can play HDR footage as well as Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos surround sound.


“Active HDR allows LG TVs to process the picture frame by frame, inserting dynamic data where needed,” the company said.

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LG also launched various other OLED TVs including the G7 (77-inch/65-inch), E7 (65-inch/55-inch), C7 (65-inch/55-inch) and B7 (65-inch/77-inch).


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