Tips: How to Give a New Life to Your App: Integrating with Apps Users Love

In the midst of tons of apps out there, it is very tough to ensure that your app gets the place you wish it to attain. But at the same time it is not impossible. There are some tips and tricks that can help you do it.

One of the simplest ways to give a new life to your app and to help it stand out is to integrate it with other apps that your users already use. There is no need to think of these apps your rival. Rather you should consider them an add-on service for your app.

Providing users more places to share content created through your app means you can get promotion for free to an audience that is already established. Yes, it will be more in number too.

Take the case of Todoist as an example. The app developers could create a virtual to-do list and that is all but they went on. Th is app integrates with various other popular apps like Dropbox.

The integration features are explained on the app’s website so it helps to give a new life to Todoist and give it an edge over other similar apps you can find.

It is possible to integrate your app with Facebook or Google. Facebook for Developers offers a software development kit to enable direct integration for Android as well as iOS apps.


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