Gamification can make your ordinary app Extraordinary

To help your app stand out among thousands of app, the concept of Gamification must be taken into account. While it may not work for all types of app, a little bit of creativity may help integrate this concept and help it work well.

Gamification is basically the process of using game mechanics and game thinking in non-gaming contexts to engage users. Gamification leverages app design to create the optimal context for successful outcomes. It means added fun and reward for the users as well as more business for your app and more users.

Developers can introduce elements of games into apps that will engage the users and make them indulge into the app again and again. How? Why? You may have many questions regarding gamifying and why you should go for it…

Well, a user would not keep reserving hotel rooms using a non-gamified booking app when he does have the choice of an app where he can enjoy gaming elements and also get rewarded for making certain number of reservations with the help of mobile device. That’s the power of gamification.

In the same way, you would  not like to use an exercise app which works in isolation if you have the option of an app where you can work out with your friends and associates and have more fun.

By adding rewards or fun elements your ordinary app can become extraordinary, hooking more fish of the pond. So before you design your next app, try to think out of the box and include elements of gamification so that your app can help you achieve your goals just as you wish. Good luck!



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