Self Destruct Your Phone As Soon As its Snatched With This Mechanism

Phone-snatching is a serious issue. Now that there are tons of costly devices that are being used it has become even more grave. Some researchers at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia have developed a new self-destruct mechanism that can be useful in instance when your phone is stolen or lost and you need to protect your data or private information. It works almost instantly. As soon as a device is stolen, this mechanism starts the action at once protecting device’s sensitive data and spoiling any reselling plans on the culprit.

The technology is meant for those who need data protection; intelligence communities, corporations, banks, hedge funds, social security administrations, collectors who handle massive data. However, since it is easily to install on most devices, it can be useful for anyone who needs  security.

The mechanism has an expandable polymer that can be remotely triggered with the help of GPS or a password-enabled app to crumple the chip of the device. It can destroy a silicon chip up to 90 micrometers thick, or less than 0.1mm using heater electrodes that draw power from the device’s battery and activate the polymer, boosting it 7 times its original size when heated to 80°C instantly.

The self-destruct mechanism may cost you about $15 and can also be retrofitted to current laptops and desktops.

Do you need an extra layer of protection? If yes, this device is what you can count on.

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