WhatsApp now allows iPhone users to listen to their latest messages via Siri

WhatsApp has recently released a new update for the iPhone that has brought some little visual improvements in addition to the ability to have Siri read out your new messages. The new WhatsApp update (v2.17.2) is available through the App Store now.

The new version of WhatsApp highlights 4 key updates. It is possible to ask Siri to read out your new messages. There are visual improvements to the Calls tab, Contact info, as well as Group info screens. You also get ability to choose multiple statuses in the My Updates screen at once that you can forward and delete. The app has also added support for Persian language.

WhatsApp allows you to compose and send WhatsApp messages via Siri already. With the latest update, Siri can read out your latest messages to you hands free. This feature can be very useful handy when you’re driving. But it would only work if you have some unread messages.

With the update you can also choose multiple statuses in the My Update section that you can forward or delete. There is revamp of verification interface and the update has something for the camera as well. It allows for camera now to  remembers the lens you used last.


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