Google Play Awards 2017 finalists announced

Giving apps across 12 different categories a chance for their share of recognition, Google has announced its nominees for the 2017 Google Play Awards. Every app was  not just considered exemplary in its particular category by Google  but also holds a high star rating to qualify and was either launched or updated from April 2016 onward.

Nominated apps

Other than simpler categories, couple of newcomer-friendly awards are:

  1. ‘Standout Startup,’ recognizing fast-growing companies such as CastBox, Digit, and Discord
  2. ‘Standout Indie,’ showing off attractive indie games such as Reigns and Causality

Google did not miss out on Virtual reality and apps such as The Arcslinger and the BBC’s The Turning Forest got nods for ‘Best VR Experience.’

Smartphones apps aren’t the sole software taken into account and software such as Foursquare City Guide and Bring! got nominations for ‘Best Android Wear.’

There are few awards that are not very obvious which are on display at this year’s Google Play Awards. These include  ‘Best Social Impact’ and ‘Best Accessibility Experience,’.

You can see each of the nominees and their respective categories here. The winners will get their dues at the Google IO 2017 developer conference to be held on on May 18.

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