Debut is a new app that connects job seekers with employers using GAMIFICATION


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Gamification has been a useful tool for some time. It has not changed the way apps work but it has also impacted almost all industries. A new app called Debut has used the concept of gamification in a unique way. It is basically a brand new job app for students that makes the most of gaming elements in order to connect job seekers with employers.

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The app has been developed by a college student who has presented this idea based on the preference of peers who do almost all on their smartphones. Debut enables college students and new grads to engage with employers via a gamified process, which encourages them to contact with recruiters and hiring managers in a fun, exciting and non-intimidating manner.

Debut aligns with people now prefer to find work and interact with others. It also how to avoid certain negative behaviors which can prevent them from getting a suitable job. It offers a more structured approach compared to the existing recruitment industry has been able to keep up with.


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At the moment, Debut has couple of games:

  1. The Seeker from L’Oreal, which offers the top 30 scorers a summer internship and the top 30 players a fast-track place at their assessment centre
  2. Agile Minds from Deutsche Bank, who offer tech goodies as prizes.

According to Debut, it is on its way to developing new games to test cognitive abilities and behavioural traits. As per CEO Charles Taylor:

“Games educate candidates on a company and its values in a much more compelling way, which is a useful tool in breaking down any potential misconceptions about that brand. It also enables top employers to attract previously inaccessible passive talent, broadening the talent pool significantly.”

You can download the app here.


   Debut - where careers find you- screenshot


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