Assassin’s Creed Origins will be set in Egypt

Assassin’s Creed upcoming title was delighted the gaming enthusiasts at Microsoft conference at E3. We got to know that the game will be set in ancient Egypt and will be called Assassin’s Creed Origins.


The game looks like a fantastic work for the series with all new RPG progression elements including a leveling up system based on ability points. In addition, the weapons will be more like RPG-like as well, having various characteristics, rarities and points attached. Players will be able pick their preferred abilities develop a play style of their choice.

The game will star an assassin called Bayek and will take players back to before the formation of the assassin’s order. The story revolves around how the slavery practices of Egypt led to the formation of the order. The protagonist will journey via Egypt and put an end to dark corrupting forces.

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The first look involved 4K gameplay from the new Xbox One X console. Some of the exciting features of the game include:

Horseback. The footage from the gameplay trailer showed Bayek on horseback travelling via Siwa.

Sailing. We also saw naval travel in Assassin’s Creed origins, and you will be able to explore the large map by boat and on foot and horseback.

Animal-enabled scouting. This is another feature of the game that is very interesting. Rather than eagle vision, it seems that you will have access to an actual eagle in Assassins Creed Origins.

Climbing pyramids. Egypt has always been a place of mystery and now this new game gives you a chance to unveil the secrets. Climbing will make a return and it looks like players will be able to scale some of the most exciting historical constructions ever built: the pyramids.

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Here is the official trailer of the Assassin’s Creed Origins to help you enjoy the first feel of the game:


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