Google Drive’s new app will roll out on June 28

Backing up and syncing files is always a demanding task. In order to make things simpler  Google Drive is roll out a new app pretty soon which would help you stores any file and photo on your PC. It is called Backup and Sync and is designed for the regular user, not professionals remember that. With the help of this app you will be able to back up files and photos which are not there in Drive already. The app is expected to roll out on June 28.

When Google scans files and photos are backed up in Drive, and you can access them on any device synced to the service.

Backup and Sync is the new version of Google Drive for Mac/PC, Google’s current desktop sync tool. So any settings you have saved with Google Drive for Mac/PC and the integrated Google Photos desktop uploader will be good for it.

The biggest issue with the app is space. Free Drive storage is capped at 15GB, that means that the more files you have backing up into Drive, the faster that no-fee space will be gobbled up. 

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