Google Play introduces “Android Excellence”, presenting Best Apps/ Games

Called the Android Excellence section, Google Play has just rolled out an exciting new section on their Android marketplace. It is designed to present the best apps and games not just by quality, but a number of other things such as localization, technical performance and design.

These features will reset on quarterly basis, and act as a notable spot for featured apps and games. The games list has recent releases from the past year or so mostly. It has Golf Clash [Free] as well.

This section is basically a part of editor’s choice sections with lists of games. The App Store as well as Google Play appear to be making bigger steps towards curation and editorial content on their stores. The section is surely a great addition as it is never easy to find quality stuff on the store and with the help of Excellence Centre you will be able to get your hands on the best apps and games without wasting much time.

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