Google Drive will be backing up your entire PC very soon

According to a latest report, you will be able to use a new Google tool pretty soon that would help you back up any file or folder on your desktop. The Backup and Sync app is the new version of Google Drive for Mac/PC and the app is integrated with Google Photos desktop loader. It is to roll on June 28, allowing Google Drive users to pick specific files on their PC to be backed up to their Drive accounts continuously.

This new feature is designed for users while business customers should continue to use Drive File Stream, the enterprise-focused system that provides access to greater amounts of data without using much space on their hard drives.

It is likely that the feature will gain popularity with users who need to keep copies of their photo, video and music libraries. However, users will be able to choose their desktop for backup as well, which for may appear to imply exceeding the 15GB of free space Google Drive offers at the moment.

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