Nokia 3310 to be launched today in Pakistan

The long awaited nostalgic Nokia 3310 will make itsway to the Pakistani market today.   HMD Global together with Jazz is releasing the device and it will be delivered to distributors shortly. You will be able to get your hands to the phone in 2-3 days according to a latest report.

The Nokia 3310 is cost you around Rs5,700. Just like the original Nokia 3310, the new phone is likely to provide the same hardiness, a battery life lasting weeks and a the exciting snakes game. You will have a number of color choices including blue, yellow, red and gray.

According to the HMD Global country head in Pakistan, Kamran Khan, the firm had decided to launch Nokia 3310 in the country after seeing how excited people were following the announcement of the device at the Mobile World Congress 2017.

About its partnership with Jazz Kamran Khan expressed:

This partnership will go a long way to help us in providing a seamless experience to the mobile phone users in Pakistan. We have partnered with Jazz – Pakistan’s largest mobile network to build up on the excitement & the anticipation we’ve seen from Pakistani consumers following the announcement of the phones at the Mobile World Congress in February this year. We are working closely with Jazz to bring the Nokia phones into the hands of fans and ensure we’re accessible to everyone.

While it has no advanced features that the current smartphones offers, Nokia 3310 is certainly a great device for those who are looking for a basic phone. Perhaps it makes a great option for your parents or kids who are not ready for a smartphones yet. It can be a great secondary phone as well that you carry along with your smart device.

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