This app-enabled interactive Spidey can be your kid’s best buddy

Technology has changed everything around us. Even toys are now more innovative than they were in the past. Nowadays app-enabled toys in particular are gaining lot of popularity. These toys can be great as they replace the remote controlled enabled toys, making them a thing of the past and also allowing you to have lots of fun with your smartphone. Sphero has just launched a hi tech toy – a wise-cracking Spiderman that is voice-activated and highly interactive!

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Spider-man’s goggles feature two LCD screens that him show you his moods and actions with lively animations. There is a built-in motion sensor that enables the little guy to  detect passerby and give witty remarks from a content collection which is updated via Wi-Fi continuously. Spidey has packs a microphone which enables voice control. You can ask him to play with you or tell you stories or joke. The app connects via Bluetooth and allows you to  launch activities, track game progress, unlock more content etc.

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Having a $150 price tag, this can be the next perfect gift for your kid. Your little one would love to have him on his bedside or in the car, talking and playing with his little buddy.

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Here is the video of the Spidy interactive toy to give you a better idea how it actually feels like.


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