How to Quick Launch Galaxy S8 Camera


So many times there is a great opportunity to capture just a perfect moment from your camera, but this is missed by the time it takes to open your phones camera. The best thing is things are not like before, phone companies have found a way to launch the camera in a flash so that you can just capture the best shot.

Galaxy S8 is one of the phones which have this amazing option.

The camera will be launched just by double tapping the power button. The camera app will open even without unlocking the phone. But if you want to preview the images you have to unlock your phone by fingerprint sensor or a pin.

Samsung S8 has an amazing 12 megapixel camera, with great feature multi frame processor that takes three shots every time you take a picture resulting in a perfect non blur shot. S8 is already famous for its stunning photo capturing better then the amazing Galaxy S7.

The focus of the camera is just amazing as even if you take 1000 photos when previewed you only find two or three photos that need to be deleted which proves the excellent performance of the S8 camera.

So the next time you feel to make a quick shot a moment to remember Galaxy S8 is the best option.


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