How to Reset Google Home

Resetting Google home is a easy thing to do, but those who may not feel confident need to know how to go about it.

Most of you must be thinking you just have to say factory reset and the Google will factory reset but that’s not the case as Google will not understand this command.

To reset you must press and hold the microphone button below the device for about 15 seconds, doing this a warning will appear on the screen that you’re about to reset the device and the countdown will surface on Google’s home in form of a LED circles.

Once that circle is complete Google home will start resetting and reboot.

To start using the Google Home again you have to follow the same steps which you followed the first time. Install the Google Home app, connect it to your device, then enter different details like the Wi Fi network and the room you’re using it in, after this log onto your Google account and configure the device.

To use Google Home app you must have Chromecast device, then you can enjoy the most amazing benefits of Google Home.

Google home can be bought from Maplin, John Lewis and Google Store.



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