Demo with ARKit and Unity3D shows the power of AR for film-makers

From virtual tape measures and navigation to games, we’ve recently observed how ARKit is helping developers create some great AR (augmented reality) apps. However, it seems now that we might see more film-makers use the tech to blend virtual characters with real ones.

The more demo apps we created with the help of ARKit, the more convinced we become that AR is going to gain more popularity and significance compared to virtual reality.

Recently we got a taste of this with a demo app replicating an 80s music video. Developer Duncan Walker has put scary realistic robot soldiers onto the streets of London now. He created the robots with Unity3D, shot the street footage on his iPhone 7 and then used ARKit to blend the two, he stated.

The final effect is frankly nothing short of impressive. In fact, the rendered models appear to be authentic enough to pass as natural human movement: The shaky hand-held camera dynamics coincide almost perfectly with the movement of the robots […] While professionals might be able to spot some inconsistencies in light sources, this is hardly a nuisance to the untrained eye.

Walker will be applying directional light sources in his upcoming experiment.

This is a method which could bring to budget film-makers the type of effects which have been the preserve of the full-on CGI facilities employed by the big studios so far.


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