Step into the Future with the First Ever Augmented Reality Magazine issue!

Augmented Reality seems to be the future of almost everything on earth. We have seen the adoption of the tech by various industries and now it is interesting to note that the fashion world loves AR too! Various brands such as Nike and Gap are looking for different ways to integrate AR into their retail experience. Recently a prominent fashion magazine W Magazine has made used of AR.

In collaboration with a visual effects production studio, The Mill, W Magazine’s Sept. 2017 Collector’s Issue features an interactive, computer-generated image of Katy Perry on the cover. It seems like a standard magazine apparently, but it is not since parts of it come to life when we view them through our smartphone or tablet.

“It’s a new form of communication that combines the magazine with the 3D world. I think that by next year you’ll see it everywhere,” photographer Steven Klein.

To help readers enjoy AR experience, W Magazine has come up with a companion app called Beyond the Page for both iOS and Android. After installing the app you can point your device’s camera at different parts of the publication and experience virtual content.

Like Perry’s face on the cover actually becomes a 3D model made up of colorful projected images. When you tap her lips or forehead, you can see a short film that pops up, wherein she gives a message about “rebellion” while roaming in the streets of Paris donned in Saint Laurent.

Some other pages in the magazine are also powered by AR, but the cover page is most impressive. It allows you to move around and zoom in or out of the photoreal shot.

W Magazine made it easy to find out which pages are AR compatible by adding a Beyond the Page label, encouraging readers to download the app.Other than W Magazine, there are other publications such as The New Yorker and Elle that have made similar attempts with AR covers. With the help of technology print editors can be more creative and use modern flourishes where they can find them.

According to research firm MagNet, magazines sales have fallen 53 percent since 2011, with revenues down 43 percent. Using the latest tech such as AR can be a great way to boost magazine sales and grab the interest of the readers by providing them with something extraordinary.


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