Mind-Controlled Virtual Reality Game will soon be a Reality!

What if we could really control the world with our mind? While such a thing may seem far fetched for real life at least for now, mind-controlled games are soon to give you such power.

Startup Neurable is making a sci-fi virtual-reality video game in which you will have the power to choose objects with your brain! The game is likely to be ready by 2018.

Neurable has started displaying a demo of a dystopic sci-fi game called Awakening. It is also allowing people to try it.

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The game works with an electrode-laden headband that connects to an HTC Vive VR  headset. Awakening casts you as a child with telekinetic powers who needs to escape a government lab with the help of mind power to pick up numerous toys and throw them.

The tech behind the game makes use of dry electrodes placed on the scalp and electroencephalography to track the activity of brain. Software examines this signal and finds out what should happen in the game.

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According to Neurable, the company will be completing the game this year. The tech start up from Boston hopes that the game and its hardware will be an attraction for VR arcade companies.

Rob Jacob, a computer science professor at Tufts University, expressed that he’s excited to see this kind of technology – it’s generally used by people with serious disability.


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