Apple ready to kill thousands of iOS apps on the App Store

Apple is all prepared to unveil iOS 11 in September. The new update will bring bring tons of improvements but it may also have some downsides for the users.

As iOS 11 will not support 32-bit apps, it will impact around 187,000 apps in the App Store unless updated to 64-bit.

It is not something surprising considering developers were considering to have sufficient time to update their apps to 64-bit and avoid being pulled from the App Store. The iPhone 5s debuted with a 64-bit chip, and all its successors adopted the same approach.
With the release of the first iOS 11 betas, more and more users are now getting notifications of 32-bit apps not working on the new OS versions, with developers prompted to update to 64-bit at their earliest.
According to estimates, there are almost 200,000 32-bit apps in the App Store at the moment. So if all remains the same about 8 percent of the apps will disappear from the app store with the dawn of the iOS 11.
Most of the apps that are in danger include categories such as education, entertainment, and lifestyle. 

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