Google’s ARCore is the answer to Apple’s ARKit

Apple will release ARKit with iOS 11 in the coming weeks. Interestingly, Google is no far behind Apple in the AR race. The tech giant has been experimenting with smartphone AR since 2014 when it showed off Project Tango. Now it is introducing ARCore, a platform that will deliver AR capabilities to Android device at a much higher scale compared to  Tango.

ARCore is launching on the Pixel and Galaxy S8 for now, but by its public launch Google plans to have 100 million Android devices supported for motion-tracked AR.

Google is shuttering Tango with this move. According to Clay Bavor, Google AR/VR head,

“We’ve architected ARCore to be able to perceive a wide variety of sensors. We foresee, in the future, many more phones having depth-sensing capabilities and as those come into mainstream phones, that’s great, ARCore will work seamlessly with those and benefit from the additional sensing capabilities.”

ARCore basically focuses on detecting horizontal planes, managing the device’s own motion tracking and estimating light, allowing digital objects to be dynamically lit considering the environment.

Most of the ARCore apps look much gimmicky for but that’s nothing unique for the broader smartphone AR landscape.

It is the combination of machine learning tech and AR stuff where Google could hold its biggest advantage in the space.

The firm showed off Google Lens at I/O, , an app that brings some of the real-time computer vision technologies that we saw in apps such as Google Photos into an AR magic window.

Google is working on bringing AR to other areas via ARCore. It is racing to get ARCore on as many devices as possible and build on the Tango technologies so that it may attract  developers to get creative with Google’s AR ambitions.

Check out this video to have an idea what we can expect from Google ARCore.

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