The Virtual and Augmented Reality Conference to be held in Dubai in November 2017

Called the Virtual and Augmented Reality Conference, a conference on AR and VR will be held in Dubai in November this year in order to explore the potential of virtual reality and augmented reality.

The Middle East and Africa are two vital regions where VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) are still developing. There are great opportunities for these technologies here.

By 2010, the market for AR and VR tech in the Middle East and Africa will grow to an estimated $6 billion (USD).

The Virtual and Augmented Reality Conference will discuss how government and businesses can make the most of these technologies in their business strategy.

There will be discussions including a session on VR and changing Storytelling, A Talk on the Future of VR/AR in the Middle East/Africa region, A showcase of the latest improvement in AR and VR technology, the use of VR/AR and AI in Healthcare,  A presentation on how AR technology can improve cities and use of AR and VR in Teaching and Education.

Speakers who will be a part of this event include Clyde DeSouza, founder of Real Vision; Simon Yorke of Aurecon, Shujat Mirza of VRARA and Dr Mazin A. Gadir from the Dubai Health Authority.

The event will take place on 26th-27th November, 2017 at Dusit Thani, Dubai, UAE.

If you wish to learn more about this event or be a part of it you can visit the official Virtual and Augmented Reality Conference website.

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