Enjoy Amazing VR tours with Apple Map’s Flyover feature

If you love experiencing virtual reality here is a great news for you. Apple has just added VR goodies added to the Flyover feature. While Flyover feature is not new to iOS 11, it gets a boost from ARKit platform by Apple that enables developers to add AR and VR effects to their apps.

It is now possible to control Apple Map’s Flyover feature by just tilting and panning your device while walking around with it.

Flyover basically takes you on a 3D tour of a city or a place that will help you feel as though you are really flying over it. The feature is available for many cities around the world.

Image result for apple maps flyover

All you need to do is to search for a city. You will get to see a Flyover button if that city supports this feature. Simply tap the Flyover button to start.

It is possible to pan and tilt your device in order move around. When you walk or turn along with your device it will also move you around the map.


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