You Must Build a Boat -An Absurdly Fun Mobile Game, Impossible to Put Down!

You Must Build a Boat is mind-blowing mobile game that is worth checking out. It offers a retro, 2D look, with soft colors and exciting sounds. It is your chance to travel the world in your boat, from the top of the Mage Tower to the bottom of Hell.

   You Must Build A Boat- screenshot

This simple looking game combines elements. The playing area includes a platform running portion at the top, and a grid of icon tiles that can be pulled along lines to make matched sets of 3 that dissolve and replaced through gravity. The gameplay is fast-paced. The running aspect is meant to match 3 action, as matching the right tiles controls the runner’s actions.

   You Must Build A Boat- screenshot

While building a boat is part of the game, you need to spent most of the time in dungeons running and fighting with monsters and unlocking chests. To defeat a monster, you have to match either swords or magic staves until it dies. As you beat various dungeons, you travel to new place with bigger monsters, so you have to level up your swords and staves with gold you earn by unlocking chests.

   You Must Build A Boat- screenshot

The game calls for multi-tasking. It is pretty complicated up front, but you can get a hang of it quickly by just playing through some frustrating rounds.

You can download this mobile game for both Android and iOS platforms.


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