HTC’s VR object tracker to launch next month

Using the same shaped configuration at the top of the HTC Vive controller, tossing a battery into it and a tripod mount, HTC’s Vive Tracker allows objects to be tracked in VR and brings objects into VR with you. It will have a $99.99 price tag.

It’s been open to developers for a few months and the device and some associated bundles are now available for pre-order while shipment will kick in December.

The objective is for developers to ship experiences with their own objects and mounts that are pre-rendered in-game so that all is tracked and the shape in the real world is same to what you feel in the game. HTC is advertising some experiences at the moment that come with plastic tennis rackets or guns or arm straps.

The major difference is that these are tracked in-game.

Though stuff like straps for your arms or legs could make sense, it is likely that not people would be interested in getting these if they need to get a new object to fix it to for every title they want to use it for.

This could be the best choice for you at the moment in case you’re looking forward to bringing full-body tracking into your VR experience.


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