Best Android Game: Mighty Battles – Time for Some Action!

 Mighty Battles- screenshot

Here is an exciting android game that you can play right now and have the time of your life! Mighty Battles gives you a chance to be in command and destroy bases by shooting and deploying waves of special, battle-ready units. You need to make use of your gaming skills and look for strategy to put an end to the opposing base!

Mighty Battles is a fantastic game that is packed with action and adventure. You need to build a squad of units to lead into battle! There is much to do and discover on your way. You have to collect 40 different soldiers, weapons, vehicles and base defenses.

 Mighty Battles- screenshot

This shooting game involves shooting Base’s Machine Gun to collect deployment points. You need to spend them in order to deploy your soldiers and vehicles into battle. You can also call great mighty tanks, helicopters, and other vehicles into the scene.


 Mighty Battles- screenshot Remember to defend your base or you will have to regret. Destroy enemy Units using Turrets, Gatling Guns, Rocket Launchers and more. You must also deploy the right Soldiers and Vehicles into battle to help fight off attacks.

 Mighty Battles- screenshot

Mighty Battles also gives you a chance to compete with other players around the world in live 1v1 multiplayer battles! You will earn medals for each victory, and make your way on top through the divisions and leaders boards into the highest tiers of competition.

The graphic as well as the overall game plan is great. Mighty Battles also has an addictive elements that makes you want to play it ever more. So pretty much fun action adventure for gamers who love to prove their skill and take a break from the monotonous shooting games.

You can download Mighty Battles from the Google Play Store and engage in some endless fun. Here is a glimpse of the one of the best android games you can find out there:

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