iPhone X is 2017’s best invention: Time Magazine

Time Magazine, one of the leading publications in the world, has just listed iPhone X as one of the top inventions of 2017. The primary reason for this is the Face ID and new display features that Apple has added to its new flagship phone.

Apple’s anniversary edition by has been called as the smarter smartphone as well, and now it has been top ranking given by this well known magazine as well.

A number of controversies have cropped up since the release of this flagship by Apple but interestingly the demand for the innovative device has remained high across the world.

Apple had decreased Face ID accuracy feature because of the higher demand of iPhone X and its inability to meet the same. But the tech giant has denied this claim.

That is why regardless of the firm enjoying top ranking with regard to best invention for 2017 via the release of iPhone X, competitors continue making fun of the phone for having outdated features except Face ID.


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