Google: Best Android Apps of 2017

Google has just released a list of the most downloaded apps that appeared on the Play Store in 2017. It has also published the top apps that are recommended by the editors at Play Store.

FaceApp is the most popular new app of 2017. It is a Russian photo app that makes use of AI to transform your face.

What The Forecast is another app that deserves attention that held second spot by Google. It is a funny weather app that tells “how nasty it is outside” and motivates people to “just go back to bed”.

Boomerang landed on third place. It is the classic-cartoon subscription service owned by Time Warner.

Other popular apps include:

  • TopBuzz Video: Viral Videos
  • Funny GIFs and TV shows
  • Yarn — Chat Fiction

As for the most innovative apps picked by editors we have Pinterest, Snapchat, Be My Eyes — Helping the blind, Google Earth, in addition to Coinbase.

Socratic, a tutorial app that is designed to help students with homework, is considered as the Best App of the Year.

Space for Kids, Kids Learn Languages, Miffy’s World, and Pinkfong Shapes & Colors are among the best apps for kids for 2017.


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