It’s Action Launcher 5th Birthday and it’s got the Best Deal!

One of the best known launchers on Android in market is the Action Launcher, and there is some good news for the fans as the launcher is celebrating its 5th anniversary. The action launcher was introduced on the 8th of December 2012 and till now the app has managed to impress lots of fans.

Chris Lacy has put a first sale on Action Launcher’s pro upgrade in three years. Last was in 2014 when Action launcher 3 was launched with best of features. Action Launcher support program is also introduced which try is a must try.

For the next 3 days the Action launcher Plus is 30% off, after that it will be back at its regular  price, so  it’s the best time to utilize your Google opinion rewards money   to buy this great app as this offer may come again after a long long time.  If you have bought the Action Launcher Plus already then you can go for an app update taking Action Launcher t V32 as it has bug fixes which are very handy  and improved fast performance which is a very important aspect and the adaptive pack has more than 900 icons but its works best  if you have Android 8.1.



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