What is Gamification? Part 1


Gamification is the insertion of game dynamics and mechanics into non-game activities to drive a desired behavior. In other words, it means designing and curating an app in a way that it not only serves the standalone purpose, but brings in features of a game, that insists users and leverages engagement.

For example, attending a teambuilding workshop that includes activities where you have to assist your fellow attendees by utilizing your skills, and you get rewarded later for your performance can be more exciting than attending a seminar without such activity. The former seminar will accomplish greater engagement and it will stand out as the game dynamics will completely enhance the experience of the participants.

In the same way, consider a non-game app with a few game dynamic features. Such an app tends to offer great user experience, leveraging the user engagement and retention followed by snowballing discoverability and ROI.

Gamification is now being broadly considered by potential app publishers. There are a number of interesting facts will help you discover how important gamification is in the future.

  • The overall market for gamification apps, tools as well as services is projected to be $5.5 billion by 2018.
  • Most adults agree that making everyday activities more like a game would make the tasks more interesting and rewarding.
  • Over 30% of employers intend to adopt a minimum of one health-focused gamified strategy in the coming year.

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