Report: Chinese mobile game market sales growing

The sales growth continues to be witnessed in the Chinese Gaming Market. The total raise in the sales as compared to last year is almost 23 percent. The mobile gaming industry has a significant contribution towards the total gaming market while the web gaming industry is declining in popularity.

China News Service reports confirm that 42 percent increase in revenue via the Mobile Gaming Sector has been recorded on yearly basis. In the recent year, China has released 9800 games majority of which were manufactured/ designed locally.

In spite of the noticeable boom in the gaming industry, the number of users remains rather stagnant. The growth in sales percentage and revenue is tremendous while there is only 3 percent growth in users. Reportedly, there are only 583 million new users in the current year. The number of users as compared to the number of games being introduced does not show a positive trend in user’s growth rate.

The innovative games and continuous inventions to make the existing games more interesting are perhaps are not sufficient. This is an alarming trend for the gaming professionals who need to determine the cause and take appropriate measures to overcome the slow user growth.

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