First Smartphone with under screen fingerprint scanner on its way at CES 2018

Last year, Synaptics informed the users that soon enough a smart phone with optical fingerprint sensors will hit the market. The updated version of the same was introduced some days ago in which the fingerprint scanner is built below the OLED. The company also shared that a leading smartphone company will utilize this innovation and will introduce in it 2018’s CES event.

The Clear ID FS9500 sensor will be compatible with OLED display only. Once activated, it will use the panel to light up the fingerprints followed by the processing of light beams. The company further stated that security and protection provided will be similar to that of FS9100 fingerprint scanner which is already available on popular smartphones such as S8, and Samsung Galaxy. The sensor will be protected under 1.5 mm sandwich which will comprise of screen protector, OLED screen and cover glass.

However, it’s still not determined as to which smartphone will first endorse the latest scanner. Various analysts are sharing their expert opinions. According to some, the Clear ID FS9500 sensor will be featured in Samsung Galaxy s9 while others believe that it will be endorsed by the latest smartphone by Vivo. The better durability and resistance to dust and water offered by the latest sensor are certainly the key attractions along with the other features.


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