Mobile App Development Trends 2018 – AR/VR Apps to go beyond gaming

AR and VR will start get out of the domain of gaming and entertainment alone in the coming year. Last year we saw the growth trend driven by consumer and business demand for new tech. Considering both these technologies have huge implications we can surely expect them to cover more areas and industry sectors in 2018.

According to analysts, the market for enterprise AR (Augmented Reality) will be driven by industries like real estate, healthcare, engineering etc. while VR (Virtual Reality) is likely to focus on events and gaming.

Benefits of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

  • VR Allows the products and services to be presented in detail using a visual experience for clients
  • Firms can show their audience the relevance of their products in real-time;
  • AR could be used to train employees as well
  • VR allow product showcasing in virtual showrooms without needing lot of space
  • It could be used for marketing
  • VR offers a 3D vision of products

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