The Future of Mobile Games in 2018

Gamers are showing their love for mobile gaming so mobile gaming is likely to continue its fast growth through 2018 and beyond. According to statistics, for every $10 spent on gaming, analysts expects $3 of that to be on mobile. By the next year, this number is likely to grow to $4 out of every $10. In 2015, the mobile gaming industry is projected to touch $29 billion mark and rising to around double to that in 2018 that is $45 billion.

Various reasons are responsible for the increase in mobile gaming revenue. The overall software games market is likely to grow from $88 billion in 2015, to $110 billion by 2018 at a rate of 8% per year.

There is hardly anyone without a mobile phone now while while there are still many who are without a computer or console gaming system. This ability to reach more and more people with gaming options has a great impact on the mobile gaming market growth for sure.

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