AR/VR and the future of your business: Part 3 – Applications of AR in Businesses


Augmented reality is somewhat different than virtual reality where it offers several graphical enhancements to the real environment. Unlike VR, it doesn’t create a complete new environment of its own. Rather, AR has several advanced potentials in the world of business.

Interactive training. AR helps to create an interactive as well as immersive learning platform. Training employees through such a platform is much more effective compared to a typical class room lectures.

AR can provide businesses with high ROI. The ability for customers to interact with 3-dimensional models has proven to be a great return on investment for businesses. Few AR software has a form of analytics backend that enable product-based businesses to see where, when and how often people are using their AR campaigns.

AR can bring print materials to life. AR can be used by real estate businesses to bring conventional, flat print materials such as blueprints, plans as well as photos to life. The most amazing thing is that these things can happen right in front of a customer regardless of any geographical boundaries. For instance, using augmented reality, a real estate worker will be able to pop up a 3D model of a property/home that is fully interactive. The 3D model generated through AR is almost similar to that of a hologram and supports a number of additional extra features where you can change different features of the generated model home such as paint colors, and do virtually anything you wish.

The Final Word

Enterprise services will help lead the growth of the AR and VR markets, which will be worth a combined $162 billion by 2020.

While Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have been controversial technologies, businesses and enterprise organizations could be the strongest audience going into 2017. Organizations can make the most of AR and VR for demos, training, communication, prototyping, and much more. According to reports, enterprise services will help lead the growth of the AR and VR markets, which will be worth a combined $162 billion by 2020.

Without doubt both AR and VR are the future of business. The use of these technologies in businesses can certainly provide customers with a rich user experience which turns out to be very satisfying from the point of view of the user.

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