Vuzix ‘Smart’ sunglasses are compatible with Android and iOS, to unveil at CES 2018

Vuzix will unveil its new headset supporting AR (augmented reality) at CES 2018, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. As a producer of compatible head-mounted displays for the tech, the firm is no novice in the AR market. However, the Vuzix Blade AR Smart Glasses, will seemingly be more mainstream, and may remind people of Google Glass, which has been a controversial project.

The Vuzix Blade AR Smart Glasses look like the standard pair of sunglasses when you look at them first but that is not all. Underneath the great exterior is almost all that we had in Google Glass: the power to project information in your field of view, internet connectivity, as well as a built-in camera for capturing images and video. There is no need to have a smartphone sticking to your face and you can also see all your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter notifications in the field of your view.

According to Vuzix:

“For consumers, the Vuzix Blade is the perfect companion to your Android or iOS smartphone, allowing users to always be connected, stay informed, and never miss a photo shot. The Vuzix Blade’s companion app will allow users to seamlessly pair their Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses to their smartphone.”

“Directions, menus, weather, events, stocks, video conferencing, sports updates, social feeds, bio-metrics, and more, right in front of you, literally. AR smart glasses that right out of the box provide hands-free access to all the alerts from your phone, while allowing you to leave your phone in your pocket.”

Blade AR Smart Glasses Specs:

Displays: 2x Cobra II digital light processing displays
Full-color AR overlays
Transparent, photochromic
Prescription inserts are available
Multiple lens color choice
Standard UV protection
Processor: Quad-core ARM-based chip
Memory: Unknown
Storage: Unknown
Camera: 8MP supporting 1080p video
Connectivity: Wireless AC
Ports: 1x Micro SD
1x Micro USB (audio, recharging)
Input: Noise-canceling microphones (voice input)
Touchpad with gesture support (right arm)
Head motion tracking sensors
Output: Dual haptic feedback
Batteries: Internal LiPo rechargable
OS: Android
Weight: Less than 3 ounces
Cost: Final product — unknown
Developer kit — $495 deposit
Availability: Unknown


As the Blade is powered by Android, the platform will be open to developers. These apps and services will appear in a built-in App Store, while the company didnt state if the Blade will support Google Play Store apps directly, or if users can sideload Play apps into the local Android OS.


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