Report: Android Pay and Google Wallet Merged, ‘Google Pay’ is on!


According to a new report, Google has merged Android Pay and Google Wallet into a single payments service called Google Pay.

According to Google, users will be able to use Google Pay online, in stores, and across Google products in near future. Google Wallet’s current peer-to-peer payment functionality will continue to be supported as well, Google informed.

Google Pay is available in certain first-party apps like YouTube and Chrome already as well as in Instacart, Airbnb, HungryHouse, Dice, Fandango, and some other third-party apps and sites on Android and in Chrome.

Moreover, Google Pay branding will be released in apps, websites, and next to payment terminals in stores as Android Pay branding and decals are retired.

Google Pay as well as Samsung Pay are Apple Pay’s biggest rivals among mobile payment services. It competes with Apple’s Apple Pay Cash in the US that was recently launched as well.


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