Symptoms of SELFIE FEVER



There are countless people (kids too!) who suffer from Selfie Fever. Are you one of them? Here are some signs that can help you find out if you are a part of the crowd:

  • You continue taking selfies on every trip to let people know you are having a great time.
  • The first thing you look for when you buy new phone is its camera.
  • You are constantly posting your selfies on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and anxious about how many people liked it.
  • You are familiar with most selfie poses.
  • Your phone gallery keeps getting fuller with your pics.

What about Groupies?

Compared to selfies, Groupies are a different case. According to studies, Groupies, which are self-portraits in a group setting, boosts feelings of belonging as they mostly showcase communities that we belong to. That is why researches links them to high life satisfaction levels.


Our selfie-addiction has gone to the level where we self-evaluate our worth on the basis of it. A recent research has proved that the selfie-obsession as a mental disorder of extreme narcissism. So, much as you wish to document yourself at your best, you must keep it under control. Else, you might just be so busy catching the moments that you forget to live them.


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