Top Android Apps of 2017

 You must really be interested to know android apps were the most-loved by people in 2017. While some mobile apps did a great job and won hearts, others remain less popular.

Top Android apps of 2017

Here are some of the top-most downloaded Android apps of 2017:

Whether Forecast: Useful app that collects relevant information and tells the weather circumstances in just a simple way like; cloudy, sunny or is it rainy.

TopBuzz Vedio: An exciting app that shows the mostly shared videos and the videos that go viral.

FaceApp: The most-debated app with a special feature that allows user to change and alter body features as they want. Turning slim into fat, or making a smiley into a weepy or winky is possible on just a click.

Boomerang:  Created by Time Warner, Boomerang allows the user to see the most famous MGM Cartoon series, Loony Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Hanna Barbera etc.

Yarn: Another top android apps of 2017, Yarn is a unique app with a story-telling feature. It narrates stories in the form of text messages.

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